bad habits.

January 6th, 2013

it’s only the sixth day and I’m doing terrible on my resolutions. bad habits are so hard to break. but then again it’s not always a 180 turn at the snap of a your fingers right away. I do have to give myself some credit. I have been keeping up with taking better care of my teeth and skin. i’ve been taking pictures and blogging (although not everyday), and I was pretty positive at work this week. on the down side I was late to work by 5 min, but I did get there before dr. cho so it was okay.

i haven’t had a chance to workout this week yet, but in a sense, i have been moving around doing a lot of tasks at home and you can still burn calories.  it’s better than sitting on he couch watching tv all day.  i did tons of laundry yesterday and started organizing the kitchen.  the living room and dining room is a mess but it will get there, slowly but surely.  i told jake about my plan on organizing the garage and i hope he will be helpful and supportive.  it’s a huge task but it’s something that’s way overdue. if i remember i will take a before and after photo and post it when it’s done.

off the subject, i kinda wish i had many viewers or followers on this blog cuz i’d be posting more, more inspired to take photos and be meticulous and detailed about everything, but since i just started blogging again maybe i can find a way to get more followers.  hmmm….

back on the bad habits subject, i have been cussing, a lot less than before, but still cussing.  argghh!  i need to stop!  i’m thinking about doing a cuss jar.  at the same time i’m thinking of doing a workout jar.  a dollar in for every 30min or 1 hour of working out (i haven’t decided yet) and maybe every 4-6 months i get to use it and buy something nice for being good, and then something i just thought of, maybe a dollar out for every time i cuss.  but that’s kinda flawed cuz i would have to start working out for me to take a dollar out.  i might have to think of another way…. any suggestions?

how are everyone’s resolutions going so far?


answered prayers

January 6th, 2013

jake and i went to our church, coast hills, earlier today.  one of my goals is to not only attend church regularly but also grow in our relationship with God.  unfortunately, we arrived a little late but “better late than never” right?  we made it in time for the shaking of hands and greeting our neighbors “good morning.”  we happened to be sitting right in front of an older filipino couple and we greeted each other.  i instantly got a good feeling about them.  the man was really nice and friendly.  then later on in the service, we did the communion part and i heard them behind me saying a prayer.  i liked them even more.  it reminded me of being at our old church in anaheim for some reason.  at the end of the service as we were leaving, the couple smiled at us and asked us if we were filipino which started a friendly conversation.

by the time we made it out to the lobby, the man, manny, was telling us about their friday night bible studies.  for so many years, jake and i have been interested in joining a bible study but we have been too shy.  this has been an answered prayer, and on top of that we have the potential to meet more filipinos in this area, which i have also been wanting.  we are both super excited to go meet people and filipinos, join a young couples bible study, and grow in our faith.

manny also introduced us to ken, the one who leads the young couple’s bible study.  he seems nice.  we also met some of the ladies and they seem very nice.  i am really looking forward to this friday.  i am kinda scared about the “homework” that ken mentioned.  i am not good at interpreting things and voicing my opinions.  i tend to stay quiet and just watch and listen to others.  but i guess this will be the push for me to grow.  i was raised in a christian home and although there is no doubt that i love and trust in the Lord, i still consider myself a “baby christian” even after 27 years of having God in my life.  i don’t have any verses memorized, i’m not familiar with all the parables and stories, and names, etc – but a lot of it is blamed on my bad memory.  i can’t remember anything.  i took a bible class in high school and we learned all the books of the bible and lots of other stuff and i can’t remember anything.  =(

as much as i am terrified of voicing out, i really think (and hope) that i will grow in my relationship with God. i didn’t mean for this post to be so long but what the heck.  i’m gonna keep going.  i wanna be like my mom when it comes to faith and commitment.  no matter how big or small or how nice her bag is, she always buts this tiny bible in it.  she never leaves home without it and i want to start doing that.  it sucks that money is tight right now and that the nearest berean bookstore is in riverside, but i really, really want a small bible.  that way i can look something up whenever i want, i can read and learn on the go, and it’ll protect me from evil.  this post is getting too long, plus now i’m focused on looking for a small bible.  goodnight and God bless!!  =)


back to reality.

January 1st, 2013

i am so sad that i have to go back to work tomorrow!  don’t get me wrong, i am VERY thankful that i have a job, but having almost 2 weeks off and enjoying the holiday season, it was really nice to sleep in everyday, just relax, not stress out about work, and just be home and spending time with my family that i am not looking forward to going back to work.  but i gotz to make that money, boo boo.  haha.  i am hoping i go back to work with renewed energy, full of positivity, and hope that many great things are accomplished this year.  i am still so thankful to be working for such a great doctor with a great team.

the one thing that i will miss most: sleeping in!

the one thing that i hope to change: get to work on time!

hope everybody has a great year! good luck to everybody with all their goals! =)



January 1st, 2013

my official first post for 2013!!

this year my main goals: GOD, love, family, adventure, health, creativity.

jan.1 photo:


we visited jake’s parents yesterday. after we had dinner, i offered to help clean up.  they told me that they leave food on the table overnight do that 2013 will bring “plenty of food throughout year.”  i don’t usually believe in this type of stuff but i thought “what the heck, it’s to signify what we want in the new year” so i put all things that i hope are bountiful for us in 2013.  it was funny cuz we got home about 15 minutes before the midnight and i was running around throwing all this stuff on the table like a lunatic.  hahha.  good times.

my suitcase for traveling.  battleship for games & fun.  jake’s workout bag for health & fitness. my hiking shoes for hiking and adventure.  my running shoes for health & fitness.  books to read more.  book about love for a year full of love.  books on faith to strengthen our relationship with God. medicine for good health, no more sickness. food in the tupperware for a table full of food. our cameras for our creativity and seeing all things beautiful.  money for helping us budget, save, and hopefully make more of.  my business cards so that i can continue to grow and learn.  a wooden spoon so that i can learn to cook more.  saladmaster pot so we can eat healthy and cook more, rather than going out.  a cupcake so that i can bake more.  a mug i got jake that says “work less, play more, enjoy life” – exactly what it means for him.  plus there is a photo of a bike on it and i hope we can get our bikes and be outdoors more.  nail polish, heels, sunglasses, and my bag for more shopping and style and blessings. wine so we can learn to drink wine.  my laptop so i can blog more, research, learn, and stay in contact with friends & family.

what is important for you this year?  what items would you place on your table?


back in the groove.

December 30th, 2012

so i just realized that it has been OVER a year since i’ve last blogged!  i really need to blog more often or else i’m just paying godaddy and not doing anything with it.  haha.  the reason i even thought of blogging again is because i was making a list of resolutions that i really want to accomplish or stick to.  one of which is to “blog everyday” – but i think a more realistic approach is to blog weekly to start.  i am really bad at blogging, much more finishing things.  i read that gemini’s tend to start a lot of projects and fail to finish – that is SO me. hopefully 2013 will be more kind to me – or maybe i can just suck it up and do what i need to do and stop making excuses.  either way, i hope to accomplish many things (hopefully everything) on my list.

looong list of my so called resolutions // goals // life changes:

blog everyday

take a photo everyday

take a photo of myself everyday

start working out weekly ( eventually to 3x minimum )

eat healthier

cook more

no more - or - LESS junk food, let’s be real =P

save money $$$

learn to budget

pay off all credit cards & loans

drink waaaaay more water!

cook a new dish every week

clean, clean, clean!

organize, organize, organize!

sell, donate, trash stuff i don’t need

organize paperwork

reorganize closet

go date hiking 2-3x month with the hubby

be more outdoorsy with jake ( snowboarding, snorkeling, camping, fishing, etc. )

read & finish a new book each month

learn all the functions of my camera

no more soda / frapps

be more girly ( manners, etiquette, character, etc. )

fix my bad posture

f *ckn stop cussing!

be a better wifey

go to church EVERY week – no excuses!!

join a bible study

volunteer to do something

learn to sing or dance

make youtube videos

be more confident

contact / hang out with old friends & cousins

wake up & sleep earlier

clean up after my mess before going to bed

take care of teeth better

take care of skin better

try new nail art and makeup looks weekly

hang out with jake’s parents more

instagram daily

finish bella’s scrapbook

have a memorial for bella & jacks

print wedding pictures

no more spontaneous buying = no more need for returning

have regular date nights with hubby

don’t be late for work

start doing hair on the side again

organize pictures

organize hard drive


learn to drink wine

more game nights

…and many more!!

what are your new year’s resolutions?  i’d love to see what kind of list you have.  =)


stupid sickness.

December 12th, 2010

i caught something from my coworker on nov.22.  i could just tell my body was different and i wasnt feeling well.  as soon as i got home i took medicine so that i could kill it before anything happened.  i rarely get sick, and if i do, i usually only get sick once a year.  i guess it was my time.

i thought it was only going to last a day or two since i took medicine right away but i was soo wrong.  it started out with me just not feeling well for a few days.  i could tell because my throat always felt dry.  slowly, i started losing my voice.  i had to work black friday, and unfortunately, out of all days, this is when my voice decides to go out.  i was literally almost whispering to customers.  when i tried to talk, my voice would squeak and go out randomly.  by mid day, i had no voice whatsoever.  i was surprised they wouldnt let me go home.  it wasnt even that busy.  bitches.  (jk) =P

throughout the next few days/weeks my sickness turned into a cold, sniffling nose and all, then it turned into a really nasty cough.  a cough that sounded like i had been smoking 5 packs a day since i was born.  my poor neighbors probably woke up many times from my cough attacks during the night.  i felt so bad for jake, too, waking him up every now and then.  now, three weeks later, it hasnt completely gone away yet.  i still have some random cough attacks but it doesnt sound as bad as before.  now it just gets ne to the point where i lose my breath by the end of it.  i only get it a few times a day though.  i really hope it goes away soon.

now jake has gotten sick.  he came down with something different from what i had.  poor guy.  he was gone all night yesterday while robin and i were having our cooking session.  he was a good sport though.  he didnt complain and wasnt forcing us to go home right away.  thanks, bubba.  i really hope you get better soon.  i hate seeing him drowsy and out of it.

we’ve done everthing.  we take medicine regularly, drink fluids,  dress warmly, drink/eat soup many days of the week, drinking hot tea.  this bug sucks…whatever it is that we got.  grr. i just want us both to go back to normal.


gift wrapping.

December 12th, 2010

lately i am literally OBSESSED with gift wrapping!  all i think about is wrapping any sized gift in pretty paper, and making a pretty bow out of ribbon to compliment the paper.  i already knew how to wrap before and i thought i was pretty good at it but i guess you can consider it sloppy compared to how i wrap now.  since i work in a specialty gift shop, they taught us a way to wrap perfectly & neatly, and taught us how to make a bow out of ribbon.  i am still pretty new at the ribbon thing but with a little more practice i think i can perfect it.  as of now it looks decent enough that only i am bothered by little things that the next person might not even notice.

i havent learned how to make a bow with 2-3 different ribbons together yet but i am eager to find time to learn.  it looks so elegant!  i’m hoping i can learn within the next week or two since i have been gift wrapping so much.  i am so obsessed with wrapping things that i even asked dino if i can wrap his gifts for him.  i havent done this yet but i wanna wrap all my moms presents for her too.  i LOVE to wrap gifts!

as a side note, i seem to also like collecting wrapping paper.  i just noticed that this year.  any time i see pretty wrapping paper i usually buy it.  sometimes i dont even wanna use it cuz it’s so pretty.  or sometimes i want to buy something to give away so that i can wrap it.  weird.

so if any of you need anything wrapped i will gladly do it for you!  i just hope you choose pretty (and good quality) wrapping paper and want to make a bow out of ribbon – because the overall presentation and look of the gift all done it what excites me. yaay!


cooking lessons.

December 11th, 2010

for years and years my cousins and i have been talking about getting together to learn how to cook – way before tisay got pregnant, way before i got married, way back in the day when the three of us were a lot younger.  while on the phone with robin we decided to get together and do an impromptu cooking session.  robin had spent a day in the kitchen with chris’ mom while she was in texas for thanksgiving and got re-inspired.  she wanted to try her lasagna.  i decided on baked ziti.

i found the recipe through the internet from  i read some suggestions and i altered the recipe a bit.  the whole meal (good for 10 ppl) cost about $30.

**photo soon to come**


1 pound dry ziti pasta

1 pound ground beef

2 (24oz each) bottles of classico sauce – tomato & basil

6 ounces of provolone cheese, sliced

14 oz of mozzarella cheese, shredded

2 tablespoons of parmesan cheese, grated (i forgot to do this step)

1 1/2 cups of sour cream (next time i wanna try ricotta cheese, although the sour cream was fine)

small teaspoon of minced garlic

half of an onion, chopped


preheat oven to 350 degrees

boil water then add pasta, a pinch of salt, and a bit of cooking oil (about 8 min)

cook ground beef until brown, add chopped onion and minced garlic

-add classico sauce and let simmer 15 minutes

butter 9×13 baking pan with pam (butter spray)

layer as following:

-1/2 of the ziti

-1/3 of the sauce mixture, stir pasta and sauce together

-provolone cheese

-sour cream (put in a ziplock back and snip a corner) or ricotta cheese

-remaining ziti

-1/3 sauce mixture

-mozzarella cheese

-topped with grated parmesan (i forgot this step but it still came out yummy)

cover baking pan in foil and leave in for 30 min or until cheeses are melted.

leave the last third of sauce on the side in case some people want theirs extra saucy

let it sit a few minutes to cool down

**more photos soon to come**

while robin and i cooked in her kitchen, the boys – jake and dino – just waited patiently (thank goodness!) and watched tv.  we didnt think it would take us so long to prepare the meal, and then we had to wait another 30min or so for the dishes to bake.  it was italian/carb night.  we had a full dish of lasagna, courtesy of robin, and a full dish of baked ziti, and a side of store bought garlic bread, along with some delicious wine, some vintage ale — and for jake, water and tea since the poor guy was sick.  dessert consisted of warm cinnabon.  YUMM!

dino got all excited because he wanted us to learn all these great dishes that he likes.  haha..  i guess it’s great to be a man.  we have a page full of dishes & desserts requested by him.  i guess the women will be getting together to learn new dishes while the men simply drink beer & wine and wait patiently for us to finish and later on critique us to help us make our dish better.

my baked ziti looked scrumptious!  i had a feeling while i was preparing it that it might be a little too dry.  i was right.  the flavor was great but it was a bit too dry and everyone agreed.  i should have followed my instincts and made extra sauce on the side in case of this situation.  oops.  from this cooking lesson, i will definitely add a lot more sauce.  other than that i think it came out terrific.   if i were to make this meal for just jake and i, i would probably cut the recipe in half – maybe even a third.  there was so much.  i would also make a side of salad and a few pieces of garlic bread.

i am so glad that we finally got together to do this.  i am also re-inspired to learn all the dishes i like, new dishes i want to try, dishes jake likes, and just learn to be comfortable in the kitchen.  i wanna be that woman who can cook anything, who can throw an awesome party and have delicious food that people will remember and want to know my secret recipe.  maybe i’m shooting a little too high, but hey..who knows?

now all i need is a super cute apron and a cute recipe box.  i have been looking for a few years now but i can’t seem to find the “right one.”  aprons-wise, i’ve found a couple of cute ones, but recipe boxes are so much harder.  i am really picky and it needs to be perfect.  i’m thinking of making one myself.  this baked ziti will be my first recipe in the box.  other than that, i really only now how to cook like 3-4 other dishes.

i also want to get a separate recipe box for baking!  i would love to learn how to make a cake from scratch, frosting from scratch, make cupcakes, make eclairs, make all kinds of desserts!  too bad my family has a history of diabetes, but really, who can resist the sweets?!?!  i have an insane sweet tooth! =P

there’s talk that we might prepare a “feast” during new years, but it’s not definite yet.  i am just happy that we finally got together and did it.  i hope tisay can make it next time and the three of us can get together at least once a month to do this.  i had so much fun!


rubber duckie.

June 19th, 2010

we threw a rubber duckie baby shower for tisay & jesse.  it was super cute!

i love my family… you’re all beautiful and so special to me.  =)  wish the rest of the fambam was here!

tisay & jesse dont want to know the gender until the baby comes out.  at first i thought it was gonna be a boy, but now for some reason i’m going with a girl.. i really have no idea. hahaha..  supposedly if the tummy is really high it’s a boy, and if it’s low. it’s a girl.  the majority of the family thinks it’s gonna be a boy though.  we’ll see….just a few more months.  =)  cant wait to meet baby lozano.

btw, we finally got to meet lil’ danton!!  he is sooooo friggin adorable!!  he is seriously one of the cutest babies i have EVER seen!!!  no lie.  since tisay is half mexican, half filipino and came out beautiful, and mike and edwin are half mexican and half filipino and are good lookin guys, and danton is half mexican and half filipino and adorable as heck….i’m sure,  even though tisay & jesse’s  baby will only be 1/4 filipino, the baby is gonna be super good lookin!!  cant wait to see..  =)  btw…i miss danton already… he is such a joy!



June 6th, 2010

we started off the day by meeting robin & chris and celine & dogz at slater 50/50 in anaheim hills.  yuummm.  it was pretty good.  i had a build your own burger.  the patty was half beef, half bacon.  that’s new.  then i bacon, feta cheese, garlic sauce, lettuce and tomato on a wheat bun.  when the burger came out i was shocked….it was huge!  it covered the whole knife blade!   it was a nice new experience.  =) (sorry i dunno how to rotate the image)

afterwards, jake & i went to la palma.  my parents surprised me with an LV purse and a pearl necklace.  i was not expecting that at all.  thank you, mom & dad, it was a wonderful and thoughtful and generous gift.  i love you guys.  =)

then we had dinner at thai bbq.  yumm.